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About FlightSem Software (FSS)

FSX-Steam Version

General Q&A







About FlightSem Software (FSS) Copyright © 2013-2016 Barrie Semmens


FlightSem Software (FSS) was created mainly to provide 'virtual pilots' with both freeware (and payware), 3rd party, FSX scenery for Hampshire & the Isle-of-Wight in the United Kingdom. FSS also develops its own add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X so as to improve FSX scenery as well as airports and airfields which have exhibited misplacement errors in the default scenery or need some degree of scenery reality enhancement. FSS has developed 2D-cockpit instrument panels suitable for multi-screen displays on home-made, flight simulator cockpits.







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FSX-Steam Version


A FSS Software Product will generally blend as seamlessly as possible with Flight 1 Software Ultimate Terrain X (Europe) software upgrade.


Provided the correct 'pathways' are entered when prompted by the installing Wizard, FSS Scenery should install OK into a 'FSX-Steam Version' of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Although an FSS Product may execute correctly with FSX , the 'FSX-Steam Version' however cannot be guarantee by FSS to do so!


The FSS Website was developed to enable 'flight simmers' to have access to a dedicated site that catered only for specific regions within the flight simulator virtual world. This virtual world catered predominately for the UK and specifically for the Province of Hampshire and the Isle-of-Wight, although other World areas have been developed.







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General Q&A


Q1. Why is the '' website not a more modern website?

A1. It was considered by FlightSem Software (FSS) that simple, but informative, website screen displays would be best. The site, without modern day frills of scrolling adverts and the like encroaching upon the users time and efforts to get 'straight-to-the-point' , was though to be perhaps more beneficial to the general surfer than fancy animated icons and adverts. No such animation (except for very simple animated title headings) or 'drop-down' sub-menus are therefore found on this site. Navigation is simple and straight forward by clicking the right mouse button while over a main Menu heading at the top of the display page or over an underlined heading within the display page itself e.g. Display.

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Q2. What is FlightSem Software?

A2. FlightSem Software (FSS) is an acronym for 'Flight Scenery Enhanced Modular Software'.

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Q3. Is there anything special about FSS?

A3. No. The General Aims and Objectives of FlightSem Software, like other software houses, is to improve the flight simulator experience by providing virtual pilots with some degree of reality to the ‘Virtual World’ in which they are flying. However, FSS software is special in that it is specifically designed to reflect landscape and maritime features of Southampton & the Isle-of-Wight in the United Kingdom.

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Q4. Does this mean that the ' website will only display scenery for Southampton & the Isle-of-Wight in the UK?

A4. No. Third party scenery software (mainly free) is displayed and available to download from this site, but restricted to the area speciality stated in answer A3 above. This type of software is generally reviewed and kept up to date at regular intervals.

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Q5. Is FSS Software Products compatible with all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

A5. Yes. However see FSX-Steam Version . FSS Add-on Scenery is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), provided the simulator has been updated with the essential MS Service Packs:


FS Version:                Flight Simulator X (Standard, Deluxe or Gold Editions. (FSX Stream has not been tested.)

FS Service Pack(s):    Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP1 & SP2 Service Packs (Not required with Acceleration Expansion Pack)

FS Expansion Pack:  Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack (Includes SP1 & SP2 Service Packs)


In addition, other commercial FS Scenery products may be required with some FSS Scenery products:-


FS Upgrade:                     Flight 1 Software Ultimate Terrain X-Europe (Recommended for improving terrain views)

FS Upgrade (Optional):  Flight 1 Software Ground Environment X-Europe (Recommended with UTX for best scenery views)

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Q6. Can I purchase a FSS Software Product direct from this website?

A6. No. At present all purchases of FSS Products are through the FlightSim Pilot Shop ( Potential buyers should contact this website if they wish to view/obtain an FSS Product.

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Q7. Are there any freeware FSS Software Products that can be download from this or other websites?

A7. Yes. Although at present all purchases of FSS Products are through the FlightSim Pilot Shop (fspilotshop) there are a limited number of earlier freeware products available to download from the FlightSim website ( under the development author's surname, but relate mainly to FS2002/2004 scenery.

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Q1. Where can I contact someone about FSS Scenery?

A1. If there is a problem with installing a FSS product, you should in the first instant contact the supplier who you purchased the scenery product from. This may be FlightSim Pilot Shop ( or another supplier of flight simulator products.


Q2. Where can I contact someone about FSS Scenery design features?

A2. The design and development author can be contacted at:

Generally, the author would be interested in receiving genuine constructive comments from fellow flight simmers about FSS scenery products. Insulting, caustic or derogative emails however are not welcomed by the author and does nothing to potential improve the world of flight simulation. Authors of such email will be ignored and will not receive any constructive answers to their questions.


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