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European & UK Sea Ports UTX

In line with its stated aims, FSS is currently undertaking the development and enhancement of a number of European and UK Sea Ports for Flight Simulator X. The Project was undertaken because:


1. The way in which most sea ports are portrayed in the default scenery of Flight Simulator X show little or no virtual reality to the actual ports themselves. In reality, cruise terminals, cranes, containers, gantries, cargo ships and ocean-going liners are prominent features of most coastal landscapes when approaching European or United Kingdom sea ports from the air. Such virtual landscapes are not always visualized with Microsoft's Flight Simulator X default scenery - often completely missing easily identifiable ‘true-to-life’landmarks within the known port areas.


2. Flight 1 Software upgrades, Ultimate Terrain X (Europe) and Ground Environment X (Europe), provides little improvement in the way most European and UK Sea Ports are displayed in FSX scenery. Even with such upgrades, the ports still lacks easily identifiable ‘true-to-life’landmarks within the known regional port areas. In fact, the ports are frequently depicted as built-up areas with generic containers and Autogen buildings scattered around the port areas - generally not a ‘true-to-life’ virtual display! Photo-realistic add-on scenery on the other-hand, although revealing ‘true to life’ landmark images (including sea ports), generally falls short by the lack of 3D-scenery models.

The first three volumes in the 'European & UK Sea Ports UTX' Scenery Series are:

Volume 1 - Malaga Port X 


Volume 2 - Southampton Port X   

You can read Bill Stack's REVIEW of Southampton Port X here

{ The review states the Product's original purchase price and not the current lower purchase price }


Volume 3 - Southampton Water X   

Virtual pilots are advised that FSS Software Products will not perform well on low specification desktop or laptop computer systems. Software Products require at least an Intel, multi-core, i7/i5/i3 CPU system.


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