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FSS Airports for FSX

Last Update: Thursday, 28 January 2016 16:20

Library Titles on this Page depict FSX Airports & Airfields developed by FlightSem Software for downloading as freeware. Copyright © of every FSS Airports & Airfields displayed on this Website Page remains with the Development Author.



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FSS Airports Library


FSX military Airbase Okba Ibn Nafa (HL77) in Libya, North Africa The default military airbase known as Okba Ibn Nafa in Libya (HL77) displays two parallel runways (10L-28R and 10R-28L) and little else other than the odd scattered desert shrub, single road or camel track over a sandy wasteland. The airbase was rendition in order that the airfield would display some sort of reality to the satellite imagery of the actual airbase. Because of the military nature of HL77, only a limited amount of information about the airfield was available to the general public. Fictitious names were given to the Air Base’s four camp areas, which apparently house some 10-12 hardened aircraft shelters, a number of military personnel barracks and a pentagon shape munitions storage area outside the airfield perimeter. Fictitious Navigational and ATC aids were created for the Air Base. The scenery is intended for FSX (with FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack). By Barrie Semmens Date: 06-07-2012



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